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About Me

My name is Michael Stephens, but my friends call me Miz! 

I have been waving for years and have used plenty, if not all the products in the market for waves. I'd used all pomades on the store shelf, until I got to the wave pages in March 2015. I had never considered wave butter because I was accustomed to pomade.

I did use it because it was recommended to me. But in my heart, I always preferred pomade. One day, I had an idea to ask my cousin to make me custom pomade. My cousin makes all kinds of products. She is a cosmetologist and did hair in London and D.C for many years. 

She made custom stuff for our family, all the time. I just never thought to ask her to create something for me. I realized that I may be on to something, when she asked me very detailed question about how I wanted the product to perform, what problems I had with my other products and what would be a perfect product?  

She told me I could achieve all this, plus the bonus of it being a deep conditioner. She explained that the more I deep conditioned my hair, the more the hair texture would improve and my waves would be 100% better because my hair’s texture would be in its best condition. 

After trying many samples, I finally found the pomades that I have always wanted. Behold the creation,  HD WAVES!

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