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What is HD WAVES?
HD WAVES is an all natural Hair Waving Pomade, made for wavers to enhance their texture and give them that perfect lay down for wolfing.

How many versions are there? 
There are 3 versions right now, with one more under development. 
There is 3000. This pomade is geared towards coarse hair wavers. Its hold level is 3. 
Then there's Exotic (NO Shea), which is geared towards looser curls and gives a milder hold. This is our Buttered Pomade and has a hold level of 2. 
Lastly, there is Exotic Plus (NO Shea) which is also geared towards looser holds but can be used in a deeper wolf. Exotic Plus has a hold level of 3.

What are the key Ingredients that make your pomade special?
We use Amazonian Rainforest Butters and several high quality oils.

How should I use it?
You can use it after a moisturizer or on its own. It is a deep conditioner that goes deep inside the hair to assist with the moisturizing process.

What makes this product different than the others and will it give me a greasy feeling?

Absolutely not! This product will not leave you with the old school greasy feeling, where you have to wash your hair daily. It can be used as many times as you want but once or twice a week is fine.